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High Quality, Certificated Comply with International Standard

Floating Marine Rubber Fenders

We supply high quality Pneumatic Rubber Fenders and Foam Filled Fenders
All pneumatic rubber fenders are manufactured and test comply with ISO17357
CCS, BV, LR, ABS Third Party Certificated

Pneumatic Rubber Fenders

All pneumatic rubber fenders are manufactured and tested comply with ISO 17357, and certificated by CCS, BV, LR, ABS third party.
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Foam Filled Fenders

Foam filled fenders are contracted with closed cell EVA/PE foam, covered by tough PU skin. It Has better energy absorption then pneumatic fenders.
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Rubber Foam Fenders

Rubber foam fenders are contracted with closed cell EVA/PE foam, cover by more tough rubber skin. It is more stronger than the PU skin foam fenders.
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Yokohama Type Fenders

Yokohama pneumatic fenders are manufactured with mould by Korean production technology. Different with hand wrapping pneumatic fenders.
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Donut Foam Fenders

Donut foam fenders is an effective floating type marine fender solution for the berthing dolphins, guiding structures, and corner protection.
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Shipboard Foam Fenders

Used for the quick and convenient use, providing tough heavy-duty fender systems for boat, yacht, commercial vessels, Navy warship.
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Port Marine Rubber Fenders

Different shape rubber fenders used for the port/wharf new building, upgrading.
Whole marine rubber fendering system including frontal panel, anchor chain, bolts and other fittings

Super Cone Rubber Fenders

New generation popular high performance marine rubber fenders system, equipped with frontal panel for the big port building or upgrading.
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Super Arch Rubber Fenders

Instead of traditional V type rubber fenders. It is popularly used for the medium port as the first or second marine fendering system.
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Cylindrical Rubber Fenders

Cylindrical rubber fender is one kind simple rubber fenders shape. It is hung on the port side. It is easily to install and maintain.
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Super Cell Rubber Fenders

New generation popular high performance marine rubber fenders system, equipped with frontal panel for the big port building or upgrading.
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D Type Rubber Fenders

It is often used together with other big shape marine rubber fenders, as the second marine fenders system. Also can be used for tugboat.
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Unit Element Fenders

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Wing-D Rubber Fenders

Wing-D type rubber fender is one kind upgrade D type rubber fender. The steel panel is built into the Wing-D type rubber fender’s body.
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Roller Rubber Fenders

Its performance doesnot form the influence of ship inclining and berthing. Applicable for dry docks, corner and other restricted channels.
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Ladder Rubber Fenders

Installed on the wharf side vertically. Can be functioned as ladder and rubber fenders. Can be replaced with other type fenders easily.
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Tugboat Marine Rubber Fenders

Heavy duty marine rubber fenders used for tug, barges, work-boat etc. Work under extreme condition.
According to the particular application, include cylindrical fenders, pushing fenders, side belting fenders.

Cylindrical Tug Fenders

Long cylindrical shape tug fenders are fitted to the blow and stern of tugs, usually used to push against flared hull in open sea condition.
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Profile Rubber Fenders

Profile rubber fenders have D, square shape fenders, which are used as side belting to protect the vessel during escort duties and alongside.
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Pushing Rubber Fenders

Block, key-hole, W and M type rubber fenders provide large contact surface for low hull pressure. Used on the blow or stern of tugs.
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Marine Bollards, Cleats & Frontal Panel

Manufactured using the sand casting technology with wide range of shapes, load ratings, and material
Common style include Single Bitt, Double Bitt, T-head, Staghorn, Kidney and Cleats.
Professional frontal panel for super cone, super arch and unit element rubber fenders system.

Marine Mooring Bollards

We can provide many of the most popular style bollards or cleats, optimized bollards, or cast any new style to meet customer requirements.
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Frontal Panel

Professional engineering team, production plant ensure we can make high quality frontal panel comply with customer’s drawing and request. .
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Buoder supply high strength and high quality UHMW-PE pads using advanced CNC engraving machines used for fendering system frontal panel.
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Marine Rubber Packing and Sealing Products

Specialized in high quality marine hatch cover rubber packings, watertight door rubber packing (sponge and solid), shipping facilities rubber products.

Hatch Cover Rubber Packing

Multi shape rubber seal strips, rubber seal block, rubber packing for hatch cover, made of high quality EPDM, CR and other rubber.
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Hatch Cover Corner Packing

Buoder supply multi shape high quality rubber seal corner packing for hatch cover, made of EPDM, CR and other rubber material.
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Shipping Facilities Sealing

Buoder supply multi shape sponge or slid shipping facilities rubber sealing products, made of high quality EPDM, CR and other rubber..
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Offshore Buoys and Marine Rubber Airbags

Buoder Offshore Engineering also supply the offshore surface buoys and subsea buoys, ship launching marine rubber airbags.
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